The American School of Fes – Amicitia was originally founded in 2004 by an American couple, Jim and Michelle Hasbrouck. The school’s first facility was located in the Mt. Fleuri 2 neighborhood in the new city of Fes. In 2005, the school transitioned from being a Moroccan private school into an American school with a full, standard American curriculum. As the school grew, it first moved into the Alal ben Abdellah area and then to Rte. Immouzzer in 2013.

Message From Director

By the fall of 2017, the American School of Fes – Amicitia looks forward to moving into its new campus, designed to physically embody the mission of the school while also modeling sustainable energy practices for the region and for the world.
The school is owned and managed by a Americans and additionally supported by a local advisory school board of advisors which is comprised of the various stakeholders.